Massage relieves pain by reducing muscle tension and also by triggering the release of endorphins, natural pain relieving chemicals in the brain.

Meditation reduces stress, fosters clear thinking and increases our capacity for empathy and compassion.



Quick Fix | $45

30 min massage focusing on one problematic area

Stress Release | $65

50 min full body massage includes aromatherapy

Rejuvenation | $95

80 min full body massage includes aromatherapy

The Dogs Are Barking | $45

30 min foot massage

Prenatal Massage | $75

50 min

Post Partum Massage | $65

50 min


Sacred Space Meditation
Spirit Guide Meditation
Power Animal Meditation
Finding Balance Meditation
Divine Feminine Meditation
Inquire for Other Guided Meditations

Vibrational Therapy

Vibrational Therapy 30 min $40
Vibrational Therapy 60 min $70
Sound Bath for your yoga studio, wellness center, or event space
*Call for pricing

About Luna

I took an interest in healing at a very young age.  Instead of pursuing the study of the healing arts in college, I dedicated myself to my creative nature and got my bachelor's degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art.  I believe tapping into this resource has made me a better healer.  My creative nature allows me to piece together my guided meditations and come up with creative solutions to physical ailments.  I was introduced to anatomy in art school and fell in love with the complexities of the human body.  When art school ended, I decided I was going to travel.  Part of my travels led me to studying with my Native American friend, Bear.  Bear taught me the subtleties of meditation and journeying in the desert of Arizona.  Afterwards I decided to plant roots where I grew up and build my career.  It was of no surprise to me that the healing arts were placed before me once again as I made the decision, with the help of a mentor who is a great holistic healer (massage therapist and reiki master), to go to Massage Therapy School.  I attended Our Lady of Lourdes Institute of holistic Studies and learned many different modalities, ethics, and in depth anatomy.  I also specialize and am certified in Pre-natal and Post-Partum massage, and Vibrational Sound Therapy.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you, as we too, go on a journey of your spiritual, physical, and energetic self. 


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